The SHOCKING Truth the Vegetable Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

vegetables-218139_640You faithfully shop for the freshest, organic vegetables at the grocery store. You think you’re being health conscience. You think you’re feeding your children a nutritious meal that will help mold them into adults with strong minds and strong bodies. You could not be more wrong.

Vegetable farmers are trying to hide the reality about the organic spuds, greens, beans and peas they’re pushing. They’re grown in dirt. You know the stuff that the very word “dirty” originates from? And hold on to your hemp apron because it gets worse, they’re often grown in a mixture of dirt and feces or old decayed leftover food.

They try and deceive you through some industry black magic. They use chemicals like H2O to flush away as much of the the soil as they can before they take it to market so you don’t see the remains of the horrid conditions your family’s dinner came from. They don’t get it all though. It’s impossible to get it all and that dirt goes into your family’s bodies. The industry cuts away roots from the potatoes you eat everyday, they remove the spiders and mites that once made their home atop your bright green head of lettuce.

What can you do about it? Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do at the market or the grocery store. You can, however, start going to restaurants that have strict sanitation standards and minimize the use of these “dirt fillers” called vegetables. McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen are all excellent choices for you and your family’s safety and health.


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