BUSTED! Script for Alabama Sorority Recruitment Video Copied from Hitler’s Dream Journal!


Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!

The 2015 University of Alabama Alpha Phi sorority was hoping to get some attention from their slick new recruitment video but I don’t think they expected it to go under the microscope like it has. The video which promotes the Crismon Tide sorority starts in a first person perspective. The intended audience likely sees the images and imagines themselves as a potential sorority sister, climbing the stairs into their new home as they pass one beautiful, mostly blonde, Caucasian sister after another. However, keen scholars of the dream journals of bloodthirsty tyrants will immediately be reminded of history’s most infamous dream cataloger.

After all, this is almost exactly how sleep historians say Hitler described his most common recurring dream.

Here’s the video in question which has since been pulled from the sorority’s website:

Consider this quote from Adolph’s personal dream diary after watching the video “I dream of a parade of fair skinned, blonde girls. Coordinated in tight fitting and revealing dirndl and carefully choreographed seductive dancing. I see American denim cut high with the fringe exposing fraulein’s thigh and the bouncing bodies. And uber glitter! Everywhere is the glorious glitter! It is pure heaven!”

Both Alpha Phi and the University of Alabama declined our request to do a story comparing the video to the fanciful night visions of the leader of the Third Reich at press time.


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