You Won’t Believe What These Celebs Looked Like Before They Made Their Debut! #6 is AMAZING!


Some celebrities are born with that certain “it factor” and others have to work hard before they turn from “ugly duckling” into “beautiful swans!” You won’t BELIEVE what these famous faces looked like before they had their Hollywood makeover! SMH!!!!

Sure Hugh Jackman looks like THIS… NOW:


But before that he looked like THIS HIDEOUS MONSTER:


Nice muttonchops, Wolverine! Oh! I’m sorry! You DON’T HAVE ANY!!!

THIS is the T-Swift who is writing songs about Hollywood hunks breaking her heart:


And THIS is what she looked like BEFORE:


I doubt Jake Gyllenhaal will be calling THIS back!

Beyonce has been burning up the charts looking GOOD:


But who would want to “bounce with” THIS:


Good luck getting Jay-Z to put a ring on THAT, girlfriend!

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling is breaking hearts looking like THIS:


But would he have his own “Hey, girl” MEME if he still looked like THIS?!:


Hey girl, can I get your digits? As in fingers?! I don’t have any yet!

Kate Upton has been heating up the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue looking like THIS:


But there’s a COUPLE things missing in THIS pic:


LOL! Look how flat chested she is! LOLOLOL!


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