Psychic Pro-Life Activist Has Vision Baby Becomes Planned Parenthood OB/Gyn, Terminates Pregnancy


NEW ORLEANS – Madame Yolanda, a well-known palm reader and staunch pro-life advocate, has admitted that she recently visited a Planned Parenthood office to schedule a procedure to terminate her own pregnancy. You may remember her from some of the morbid pro-life rallies celebrating the assassination of medical director for Women’s Health Care Services, Dr. George Tiller. 

Sources close to the physic tell us she was looking into her crystal ball when she fell into a trance and had detailed visions of the life her unborn son would grow up to lead. She apparently gasped in horror when she saw her own flesh and blood graduate from medical school as a very competent OB/GYN only to begin work with Planned Parenthood where he provided invaluable health care services to women and performed the rare termination. This apparition was so upsetting that she made the only logical decision she felt she could and decided to undergo the procedure.

Madame Yolanda did not respond to our requests for an interview at press time.


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