Nation’s Prostitutes Collectively Agree to Withhold Sex from Hunters of Endangered Animals


WASHINGTON D.C. – Union leaders for Sex Workers of Rich Douchebags, or SWORD, held a press conference at a DC area Red Roof Inn to announce their members would no longer be providing services to hunters of endangered big game animals.

“This decision will hurt our members incomes in a very significant way but we collectively to a man, woman, lady-boy , etc felt it was the morally right thing to do.

If shaming this behavior on social media will not work perhaps withholding BJs, tilt a whirls, watersports and spankings from these men will. Let us see how these men and women devoid of conscience or charm fair when left to their own sexual devices. Without a guide or a fenced in reserve these men couldn’t actually track one of these majestic animals nor could they actually land a sexual partner without their money. ” said a visibly emotional Peachez, SWORD chairperson and PETA member.

It is estimated that big game hunters spend about 7 trillion dollars on companionship annually.


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