We Asked International Graphic Artists to Photoshop a Plus-Sized Model to See If They’re Bad at Photoshop – You Won’t Believe The Results


Bulgaria – Bulgarians love a sturdy woman who can fend for herself. They also have really poor output from their creative colleges and universities.


Egypt – Egypt can get so hot you can see light bend. Apparently that is what this artist says inspired him here but we think he just didn’t know what he was doing when it came to the Adobe suite of image software.


New Zealand – New Zealand has been the background to some of the most beautiful motion pictures starring some of the most beautiful ladies. Apparently all the graphic work is outsourced.


China – For years the cruel practice of face binding has made the Chinese appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a woman with a teeny tiny face to go with teeny tiny Photoshop skills.


Argentina – They like big boobs and angry eyebrows in South America. They also apparently like skipping graphic design class too!


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