Marvel SUPER Diversity FAIL! Black Panther Suit Revealed – Just a White Teamster in a Hat *SPOILERS*


MARVEL’s upcoming epic battle of the spandex clad superheroes – Captain America: Civil War looked like a great opportunity for diversity and to cast a superhero of color or add more female characters to the lineup of powered persons but unfortunately it’s business as usual in Hollywood!


T’Challa Udaku aka THE BLACK PANTHER is seen here in his original denim shirt and camo shorts from the 1960 that comic book fans know and love! Look out, T’Challa! I think Bucky Dent, the Winter Soldier, is right behind you!

Perhaps it was the Fantastic Four Flop that gave Marvel cold feet about letting an African America play a major role in their cinematic universe or perhaps it was just the box office power of this mystery man. It’s hard to say based on these exclusive photos! Stay tuned for more comic movie news!


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