Leaked Star Wars VII Photo Shows Luke Ready to be Clueless Master Jedi, Allow Evil Plot to Unfold


DISNEY STUDIOS – This AWESOME leaked photo shows Luke Skywalker in the robes of a Master Jedi! That means that he’s now as arrogant, bullheaded, slow to action and completely oblivious of his surroundings as the Master Jedi before him. But that’s good news for Star Wars fans because we know the Jedi Council in Episodes I-III featured some of the stupidest protagonists in cinematic history. It was their bumbling stupidity and hand wringing that allowed the events from the beloved classic postquels to happen. If it wasn’t for those prequels slowly setting up in mind numbing detail the events that took place in the good films that were already beloved to generations by the time the prequels came out we may not appreciate the movies we had already seen!

What matter of evil will Luke cluelessly ignore for the first two films and first two acts of the third film in this trilogy? Will he trust a character as insulting to the audience as Jar Jar Binks (JJ Binks)?


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