DoggieBagz – an Organic Pet Food Subscription for the Family You Abandoned


SILICON VALLEY – Investors and entrepreneurs have subscription box fever thanks to the success of startups like Birch Box, Trunk Club and Dollar Shave Club. It seems millennials love putting monotonous tasks on autopilot and that includes interacting with boring, old, non-tech savvy senior citizens. If you can’t Snap Chat you may as well be mute to this generation and if you’re not eating organic kale on a deconstructed pork belly taco you may as well be eating dog food.

Which brings us to DoggieBagz, a Silicon Valley start up that was originally created to deliver fresh, organic appealing meals for rich dogs but they noticed a trend of more customers ordering the boxes to different addresses to customers not named Spot and Rover but Mom and Dad. First it was a few, soon it grew to a couple hundred month mom and pop subscribers until DoggieBagz CEO Blaine Boxbiter embraced the new revenue stream and started advertising a “Maw and Paw” package that comes complete with a handwritten note from their child. Actually the card is written by one of the 20 or so packagers in the companies Oakland, CA facility. Most of them speak broken English but that helps perfectly emulate the kind of sloppy, dismissive messages most of these customers are used to receiving from their ungrateful children.

Right now DoggieBagz has plans to expand into more communities within California before exploring other douchey parts of the country. Their stock is trading up 6 points in the aftermarkets.


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