AWFUL – News Site Swaps a Black Squirrel with a Blonde One, We’ll Show Them!


DETROIT, MI – The Detroit Tigers dramatic walk off 9th inning win was a wild game for fans and it was an even crazier game for a poor lost squirrel who managed to find his way onto the field, alone and confused. Fortunately the grounds crew, after a couple laughs, were able to remove the squirrel and safely return him to his natural environment.

Now this would be a great story but it was RUINED when the Detroit Free Press opted to change the narrative and white wash the back story of our little friend. They took this heroic little squirrel’s story and gave it to a random… BLONDE, or as most squirrelologists call them, caucasian squirrel! One of the editors posted a weak excuse that they didn’t have a picture of the real squirrel despite having VIDEO of him! OUTRAGEOUS!

Well, we’re calling all our internet friends of creatures great and small to show their support for this brave little squirrel. Support ALL squirrels who get lost onto MLB fields… not just the privileged few by sharing this post with the hashtag #AllSquirrelsNeedLikes.


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