“Whites Only” and Other Signs of Southern Heritage and Pride (Definitely Not Hate)


Hey, everybody! Check out my flag of heritage… not hate!

Look at this proud Southern dandy celebrating heritage dressed in his Sunday best white robes! He really believes in heritage because he’s holding the controversial, historical battle flag! I wonder who he’s fixing to go to war with? Maybe he’s going to stomp out illiteracy or cancer but don’t ask me, he doesn’t invite me to his meetings, I’m just a yankee!


Welcome, neighbor!

Nothing beats the warm glow of a fire! Now us northerners might take a fresh baked pie to someone’s house to say “hello!” but that’s not nearly enough for a proud Southerner! For years it’s been a tradition, heritage even, to gather around a burning cross to say “hey, welcome to our Christian neighborhood, my black brothers and sisters!”


Here’s the confederate battle flag is flying high and proud above a rope used to lynch black folks! If you didn’t know better you might think it implies something racist but you just don’t understand HERITAGE… not hate!

This noose has long been a source of southern pride and heritage. Many southerners look back fondly on a time when they could kill a human being just because they looked different! Hey! That’s just what we call “southern hospitality for y’all!”


The red represents blood and the white represents the pure white HERITAGE of a southern gentleman. What Lib-Tard could see hate in this proud symbol?!

The red behind this iron cross is just swelling with pride.. and blood imagery! Just looking at it makes me think of a matronly Waffle House waitress saying something folksy like “Bless your lil’ heart, you got some grits on your brand new pure white robe!”


Okay, so this… Yeah. This is kind of racist.

It gets hot down south so swimming holes are a valuable resource. They’d love to invite their black brothers and sisters to take a dip but gosh golly, there’s just not enough room!


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