Life Hack – “Dinner’s Done” Ceiling Mounted Notification System Can Also Be Used to Prevent Home Fires

Come and get it... diner is done!

Come and get it… diner is done!

A common, hockey puck shaped kitchen convenience device is being credited for saving a St. Louis foodie family’s lives from a house fire.  Chris Beckford and his wife Janie were fast asleep around 4 AM when their Dinner’s Done notification system went off with its relentless high pitched “come and get it” notification beep.

Janie, who is a light sleeper, was confused as to why Chris was cooking dinner so late.  Nudging Chris to go get dinner out of the oven, he reluctantly got up only to discover a house fire in their guest bedroom.  Chris and Janie are alive but shaken up after their close call.

“This Dinner’s Done sensor really saved our lives, we may get a few more, even for non-kitchen areas of the house.”, say the lucky couple.


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