UBER Competitor, LSER, Emerges For People Who Don’t Mind Riding in a Piece of **** Car

lser appCHICAGO, IL – Enterprising entrepreneur Blaine Kalinowski has collected over 2 million dollars in angel funding for his new concept in the taxi space. The idea is LSER or “Loser” which set it’s demographic sights lower than Lyft or UBER yet maintains the respective pretentious misspelling and logo of those two more well known services. Who is LSER aimed at? We will let Kalinowski explain:

“Often times you need a ride back from the bar or club but you’re with your equally drunk, equally pathetic unworthy loser friends or maybe you’re with your long time partner who you’re not all that into anymore and you just want the cheapest ride available.  Even if the upholstery is held together with duct tape and Flex Seal spray and stinks of Turkish coffee and regurgitated Pabst.”

Before we could reply a visibly drunk Blaine Kalinowski added “Hey! maybe you went out to pick up some strange and you’re coming back solo. Who needs the added insult of a fancy ride back to your loserville apartment? Launch the LSER app!”

The app launches on Tuesday on Blackberry, PalmOS, Windows Phone, Sidekick, pagers and flip phones. LSER says it’s working on an iOS and Android version but it’s not a high priority for “obvious reasons.”


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