MPAA Will Not Prosecute Paul Blart 2 Illegal Downloaders, Says “They’ve Suffered Enough”

paulblart2HOLLYWOOD, CA – The Motion Picture Association of America, long known for their harsh prosecution of anyone caught downloading illegal movies from peer to peer and torrent sites has announced amnesty for anyone who has illegally downloaded a leaked copy of Paul Blart Mall Cop Part 2.

Giles Hirsch, a spokesman for the MPAA said “we understand that this film has caused a great deal of pain and suffering to the eyes, ears and minds of the few viewers who have witnessed this abomination in it’s entirety and for that we are truly sorry. Since we empathize with the audience we have decided not to pursue charges against anyone who has downloaded this horror show of a comedy through unauthorized channels.”

Hirsch went on to add “We’d also like to remind everyone that Pixels starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James will be in theaters this Friday and only two or three of our test audiences suffered violent vomitus so it should be a hit.”


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