June ’15 Hottest Month Ever Creating New Deserts for Deniers to Bury Heads


NOAA – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration today announced that June 2015 was the hottest month in recorded history. This news naturally would be startling to anyone within earshot, however, some have strategically placed their head into sand to block those sound waves from entering their feeble minds. 

Never mind that even if the overwhelming majority of scientists, who counter to popular moronic belief are not paid for doctored results, agree that climate change is man made phenomenon and that solving the problem would generate secondary “soft perks” like creating new industry, jobs, fewer earthquakes, independence from foreign oil producing frienemies and a habitable land for the next generations. Some in Washington who, coincidentally, have monetary ties to oil, gas, coal and other polluting industries and others outside of it who are just gullible blowhard buffoons believe that there isn’t significant evidence to move on the issue are going to enjoy a benefit of their bullishness – exciting new desert landscapes for them to plant their big fat stupid faces into.


One response to “June ’15 Hottest Month Ever Creating New Deserts for Deniers to Bury Heads

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