GOP Hopefuls: “Trump’s McCain Remarks Outrageous, All Latinos Still Likely Murdering Rapists”


WASHINGTON D.C. – The Sunday morning talking head shows delivered disappointing news for anyone who was enjoying watching Donald Trump drive nails into the coffin of the Republican party while party leaders sat silently with their arms folded in the coffin.  On Saturday several Presidential hopefuls finally lashed out over Trumps remarks about McCain that he likes soldiers “who haven’t been captured.” The comment was a crude attack on John McCain’s time as an actual prisonor of war during the Vietnam war, a war that Donald did not participate in thanks to deferments. Deferments granted in no small part thanks to his rich daddy, a daddy who gifted him his first squandered fortune.

“[Saturday] might now be remembered as the day Republican Party turned on Donald Trump in full” said NBC’s Meet the Press’ host Chuck Todd. Here’s what several of the candidates actually said about Trumps comment followed by what we presume is their subtext about Latinos:

  • “[He is] Unfit to be commander in chief” Rick Perry, owner of a hunting spot previously called “N*****head” said. He also said “I hate all things Latino, that’s why I live in the good ole US of A in a state with a good ole Anglo name like Texas and eat American Tex-Mex three meals a day.”
  • “John McCain is a hero but Mexicans aren’t fit to fill my burrito supreme. Hey, I said extra sour cream!” – Mike Huccabee, former bass playing governor of Arkansas and close, personal friend of Ted Nugent.
  • “I think what he’s done is insulted everyone who has served, speaking of served is anyone going to bus this table? I’ve been looking at this empty plate for over 3 minutes. I hope it’s not a Latino.” – Lindsay Graham, senator from South Carolina
  • “We should never, ever question the patriotism of someone like John McCain but we should definitely question the moral fiber of an entire nation of people without having to produce statistics or examples” said Wisconsin governor and presidential hopeful Scott Walker.

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