Medicare Fraudster Dr. Fata Sentenced to 45 Years of Unnecessary Chemotherapy

635721212883025727-fata-fileDetroit area oncologist Dr. Farid Fata, who was convicted of prescribing unnecessary chemotherapy to anywhere between 100-550 patients in an effort to defraud the Medicare system was sentenced today in U.S. District Court.

Judge Paul Dredd called Fata’s crime “horrific and unprecedented” while Fata cried begging for redemption and mercy but seriously, fuck this asshole. So the judge broke with traditional sentencing and ordered Fata to serve 45 years of full-on, completely unnecessary, merciless radioactive chemotherapy, presumably for the rest of his natural life.

The judge considered ordering Fata to get a hair transplant so he can experience losing his hair a second time but he deemed that cruel and unusual.


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