Ariana Grande “I’m Going To Eat 50 Donuts in 50 Minutes to Make This Right”

ArianaGrandeDecember2013Ariana Grande today made a sincere apology for her revolting comments about Americans and their love of fried pastries earlier this week. And while most damage control experts assumed her fans would be hurt over her criticism of America, it appears that her snub of donuts is what really enraged them and they are not satisfied with the initial apology.

That put her PR spin machine back to work and in a second maneuver to win back her fans Ariana has issued a press release stating that she is working with MTV for a one time only special called “50 States, 50 Donuts, 50 Minutes.” The premise of which is, you guessed it, Ariana will attempt to eat one donut for every state in the Union to make amends. The special is going to air sometime before tickets for her next tour go on sale. Check your local listings for details.


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