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"Bringing up fear about immigrants and fear of this caravan will help push people to the polls to vote for Republicans, framing them as the party that will protect us from the situation", she said.

While the migrant caravan making its way north may have dwindled somewhat in numbers, more groups are coming along behind.

"It is very important that they be able to move soon from Veracruz toward another place", Yunes said in a video message released in the evening. The migrants had already made a gruelling 65-kilometre trek from Juchitan, Oaxaca, on Thursday, after they failed to get the bus transportation they had hoped for. "I told them, 'Consider it a rifle"'. "We're going to see". Their determination to journey some 2,000 miles, despite the bad suffering and complete lack of money or resources, is what also has inspired many in Mexico to come to their aid.

The president also said there would be a crackdown if migrants were to throw rocks at US soldiers, saying the troops would "fight back", considering the rocks the same as a "rifle".

Honduran migrants taking part in a caravan heading to the USA, rest at a temporary shelter in Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca state, Mexico on October 30, 2018.

President Trump on Thursday said he'll sign an executive order next week that will crack down on asylum seekers and end the process of "catch and release" as part of his efforts to halt a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants marching to the U.S. border.

Trump and allies have spoken frequently about so-called "loopholes" in immigration law that allow migrants to apply for asylum while on American soil, and the President has recently encouraged prospective asylum seekers to apply for entry from their home countries.

Today, a smaller caravan from El Salvador crossed through a river to enter the Mexico's southern state of Chiapas. The first, largest group of mainly Honduran migrants entered Mexico on October 19. The Pentagon noted Wednesday afternoon that its initial estimate was for 7,000 troops at the border. Other estimates had it around 4,000 or more.

"There's nothing political about a caravan of thousands of people and now others forming, pouring up to our country", he said.

Former DHS Secretary Ridge told VOA, "There are bigger threats" to the USA than the migrants. And laws prevent children from being detained beyond 20 days.

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He downplayed how many women and children were among the groups, suggesting they were being placed at the front for effect and that actually "a lot of rough people" were present.

Then, clarifying his previous statement, Trump added: "I didn't say shoot". "I don't want to attack police, because my concern is my son".

"The top general overseeing US Northern Command said on Tuesday that "(Customs and Border Protection) personnel are. absolutely the primary and principal members that will be handling, specifically, the migrants".

Immigration agents and police have been nibbling at the edges of the two caravans farthest ahead.

Trump indicated on Thursday that he had authorized the military to shoot migrants who throw rocks at USA officials.

But federal police began pulling freight trucks over and forcing migrants off, saying their habit of clinging to the tops or sides of the trucks was risky.

At other points along the route, police have forced overloaded pickups to drop off migrants.

Writing at Task and objective, retired Col. Paul Yingling, who commanded USA troops in Iraq, cut right to the chase.

"Migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry", Trump told reporters at the White House, painting a caravan of migrants travelling from Central America toward the United States as a unsafe threat.

The group of approximately 3,500 migrants is travelling slowly through Mexico and remains weeks away from arriving at the border, where many reportedly plan to follow legal procedures and seek asylum.