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The CNN bureau in NY also received a package addressed to Brennan, who has appeared as an on-air CNN analyst, leading police to evacuate the Time Warner building in a busy Manhattan neighborhood near Central Park.

UPDATE (10/26/18, 2:57 p.m.): During a press conference, Federal Bureau of Investigation director Chris Wray announced that the suspicious packages containing what is believed to be pipe bombs were "not hoax devices", and a total of 13 were sent to Democrats and vocal opponents of Donald Trump.

The discovery of five pipe bombs mailed to prominent Democrats, CNN and a liberal billionaire put the country on edge Wednesday and sent law enforcement officials scrambling to prevent any more packages from reaching their targets.

CNN was the sole media organization to receive such a package, while at least seven other top Democrats and Trump critics got almost identical packages in the mail. They also reported that it was addressed to John Brennan, the former Central Intelligence Agency director, who is a contributor to MSNBC, not CNN. Brennan responded, tweeting that Trump should "Stop blaming others". "Your inflammatory rhetoric, insults, lies, & encouragement of physical violence are disgraceful".

Mr. Trump has worked to undo many of Obama's signature achievements after taking office, such as withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and attempting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

It came as federal authorities said a package addressed to Waters with similar markings and characteristics to the other devices was intercepted at a Los Angeles mail facility. De Niro also apologised to Canadians for the "idiotic behaviour of my president".

The first bomb discovered was delivered Monday to the suburban NY compound of Soros, a major contributor to Democratic causes. President Donald Trump cast blame on the media for fomenting anger in society, while candidates across the country traded partisan broadsides.

Simon Trundle said responsibility for the crude bombs had to "land back at Donald Trump's doorstep" for openly criticising Clinton and Obama, and calling them "enemies of the state". The Secret Service said reports of a suspicious package sent to the White House are incorrect.

More were sent to frequent Trump critics - Democrats Maxine Waters and former attorney general Eric Holder.

Mr Trump frequently labels stories he does not like as "fake news". The devices, each with a small battery, were made from PVC pipe about 6in long and covered with black tape, said a law enforcement source who viewed X-ray images.

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An FBI statement said the other packages consisted of a manila envelope with a bubble-wrap interior containing "potentially destructive devices". "Oh, they sent the bombs to themselves!", Ken, a Republican voter who works as a crossing guard in NY, told Firstpost.

News broke Wednesday morning that a suspicious package had been discovered late Tuesday at the Chappaqua home of Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for the presidency.

Trump opened a rally in Wisconsin by condemning violence.

Whitlock said the issue driving the conversation is that, in the same way the people eventually got used to social security and Medicare, people have gotten used to the pre-existing coverage protections.

"Do you see how nice I'm behaving tonight?"

Turn on the TV and you're bound to see an ad about health care.

At a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday night, Trump paired his remarks decrying political violence with fresh criticism of the media. "This egregious conduct is abhorrent".

Arizona Republican Martha McSally escalated a fierce health-care debate in the state's closely contested Senate race with a new ad proclaiming her support for protecting insurance coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.But McSally voted for Republican-sponsored legislation in 2017 that would have granted states waivers from an Obamacare provision that forbids insurers from charging people more on the basis of health status.

The President also openly mocked calls for him to tone down his fiery style at Wednesday's event, a somewhat more subdued rally in which he eschewed some of his recent, and most extreme attacks.