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The CEO of the electric vehicle maker (TSLA) fired off a tweet Thursday afternoon in an apparent snub of the Securities and Exchange Commission, referring to the agency as the "Shortseller Enrichment Commission". "And the name change is so on point!"

His distaste for short sellers was viewed as a key reason why he briefly proposed taking Tesla private - a short-lived plan that he revealed on Twitter despite, the SEC said, not having lined up the funding he claimed to have gotten for the deal.

The settlement also required Tesla's board to implement procedures for reviewing Musk's communications with investors, which include tweets.

It's also worth noting that, just three minutes after Musk's tweet, Tesla stock prices fell by another 2%.

The settlement agreements Musk and Tesla reached with the Securities and Exchange Commission don't include any kind of bar on Musk's continued service as a director of the auto company.

Sources with knowledge of the matter tell FOX Business SEC regulators are in a bind - they don't want to punish shareholders of Tesla by coming down on the publicly traded company too hard - but it's painful to countenance Musk's blatant flouting of the rules.

But Musk and Tesla might not even be out of the woods yet.

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The settlement also provided for the appointment of a new chairman and directors to balance Musk's influence at the company as well as moves to oversee his output on social media.

"He'll blame the board for taking him out, or the SEC for derailing his genius", Sonnenfeld said.

Additionally, the agreement requires its board to create within 90 days a permanent committee comprised exclusively of independent directors that will oversee the implementation of the settlement SEC and set guidelines for top executives' communications with the public. It was not immediately clear if Musk's Thursday tweet was approved by the company. Musk resigned as Chairman of the company, but remains the CEO and will have to pay a fine.

What do you think these Elon Musk tweets meant? The judge's request for additional evidence suggests Tesla may not be out of the woods just yet.

Judge Alison Nathan said it was a regular practice at the Southern District of New York Court to ask for a joint statement.

Updated at 5:25 p.m. PT with Musk's tweet about short sellers. The terms of Musk's SEC settlement has not yet been finalized, but he's facing a $20 million United States dollars fine and the possibility of losing Tesla's chairmanship for the next three years.