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Within that page you'll see your recent search data, an explanation from Google on how it uses that data, and you can then delete the search data.

Click the Control your data in Google Search link (under Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky buttons) on the Google homepage. You can see that data in your Google account, but it's not very accessible. The new changes will enable a user to switch off data collection by audio and voice activity. Both claim that the companies engage in deceptive practices, letting users believe that they have disabled location tracking, yet the data is still being "secretly" collected. Even if you clear your browsing history, your search queries still remain intact on Google servers. It also gives you easy access to "Google-wide" controls, such as tracking activity on Google's sites and ad personalisation. Let us know what you'd like to learn about in the comments. Google took a small step toward increasing user privacy by making it much easier to delete your search history.

The investigation of Google+ was part of a larger internal review that prompted Google to overhaul some of the privacy features at a company that, until recently, has largely avoided the high-profile controversies that have engulfed tech firms like Facebook. Just use the three-dot menus next to each search term. On the mobile web experience, "Your data in Search" will be a persistent menu item on the home page as well as on results pages.

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Log into your Google account in Chrome browser app.

Deleting your Google search history has, previously, been a bit of a pain. In 2019, Google will expand these features to Maps, with many more Google services set to receive additional privacy features in the years to come.

This new improvement is now rolling out in Google Search on desktop and mobile web and is expected to be available in the Google app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.