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The storm was traveling west at 8 miles per hour and had maximum sustained winds of 65 miles per hour.

The farther southwest Florence goes, the worse off we'll be. It's no different with Florence.

Emergency officials say Southeastern North Carolina residents should use this weekend to ensure their supplies are up to date.

~Basically, there are two factors at play that will dictate Florence's track.

Florence continued to weaken Friday, but ramp back up over the weekend.

The impact, if it happens, would most likely be north of Florida, unless Florence weakens dramatically and comes, essentially, due west, which is not impossible, but is not expected at this time. Now that it's Friday, the modeling has since resolved those errors and variables, leading to a much more confident forecast for the time being.

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"However, with a high level of certainty, the East Coast will begin receiving fore-runner swells from Florence this weekend". There is no consensus, however, on how organized or strong it might be at that time.

He added that Florence does not appear to be taking a track similar to any historical hurricanes. And while its long-term path is still uncertain, the storm is expected to begin affecting parts of the U.S. East Coast over the next few days.

~With that being said, an out to sea scenario still can not be ruled out, but the window is closing fast.

Could Cape Cod take a hit from Tropical Storm Florence?

Florence had been affected by wind shear but the conditions in front of Florence are now favorable for development and likely even quicker development. Or, it could make an actual landfall, with more severe impacts at the beaches, and wind & rain farther inland here in the Piedmont. The issue that forecasts with a storm beyond the 5 days are very unreliable and is no better than throwing darts onto a board.

As of Saturday morning, Florence is still a tropical storm over the open Atlantic. Large uncertainty in model forecasts make it too soon to determine the location, magnitude and timing of the storm's impacts next week.