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Eclipse glasses, a pinhole viewer or a telescope with a solar filter are the safest ways to watch the eclipse, NASA says.

Southern Australia saw a partial solar eclipse on July 13, and Antarctica and South America witnessed one on February 15 of this year.

Other parts of the world that will have views of the partial solar eclipse, albeit a much smaller version of it, include Harbin, China, Nuuk, Greenland and Seoul, South Korea.

A solar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that occurs when the moon, the sun and the Earth are aligned in a straight line.

In addition, the solar Eclipse causes the people and animals anxiety, can develop a state of inner dissonance.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon blocks the Sun's path and stops sunlight from reaching Earth. The eclipse will not be visible to those in this time zone, but if you live in the USA and want to see the solar eclipse, the closest area you can view it is northern Canada. If the moon is positioned between the Earth and the sun, a solar eclipse takes place. It will take place on Saturday, August 11.

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The partial solar eclipse on Saturday (Aug. 11) was the third and final solar eclipse of 2018, and it was visible from most of Asia, northern Europe, Greenland and parts of Canada.

Sun looks like a disc during Partial Solar Eclipse. It will last for around 3 hours 30 minutes and start from 1.32pm and last till 5.02pm, but won't be visible across India.

On the Korean Peninsula, the Eclipse will see when the Sun will come.

It is the practice of uttering mantras at the time of the eclipse.

Korean people in Seoul and Shanghai, the Moon will cover 35% and 20% of the Sun.

The maximum phase of a partial Eclipse will be registered in the district of the East Siberian sea, near Wrangel island - about 65% of the visible disk of the Sun into the shadow.