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His Final Smash is the Grand Cross and his stage is Dracula's Castle, which will have candles that contain items and 34 music tracks from the long-running adventure series. This announcement follows the Super Smash Bros. If they were stage hazards, then Nintendo would have surely shown them off in a typical battle scenario. It enables players to select two different stages and move from one to the next mid-fight. Haha, yeah, Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch has been all the rage recently. When it comes to choosing music, the library you have available will be tied to the stage and the franchise it comes from. When playing in Handheld mode, music can be played even while the Nintendo Switch screen is turned off, turning the system into its own portable music player. Newer items get a full description, while older ones are limited to their key art.

An updated version of the official artwork for the entire roster of Super Smash Bros. Classic mode, which made its debut way back in the very first Super Smash Bros game for N64, will be returning in Ultimate. Numerous characters have really similar models to previous games in the series. The new Stamina Battle mode has fighters fight until all stamina is lost and there's one fighter left standing.

Squad Strike is an interesting new mode that allows players to go head-to-head with groups of fighters instead of just one. The kids-turned-squids and sinister Space Pirate are set to be joined in the fray by at least five more new brawlers, as revealed in today's Direct delivering.

Tourney Mode: Up to 32 players can participate in Tourney mode, making it great for parties or events with a lot of people.

Super Smash Bros Stages

Nintendo and Microsoft seem to have a fairly healthy relationship at the time of this writing, with cross-play between the Switch and Xbox One, and the companies publicly supporting one another on social media platforms. As you may expect, they're based on Samus and Marth respectively, though unlike Richter their play styles and attacks vary slightly from their base characters.

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Training: The improved Training mode in Super Smash Bros. We'll believe it when we see it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to hit store on December 7th just in time for the holidays season.

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