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The peak actually occurs late tomorrow night, with the possibility of over 50s meteors and hour.

Stargazers who want to see the show without risking mosquito bites can also watch the meteor shower on a live stream here.

Affect visibility of the meteor shower can only be increased cloud cover and the lights of the night. Some of them intersect with the earth due to their colliding trajectories. If you'd like a little more clarity on a direction to look, download any "star chart" app and locate Perseus; they'll be radiating outward from there.

The meteoroids that cause this shower are dust particles that get outgassed from the comet when it comes close to the sun.

"With a diameter of 26 kilometres, Comet Swift-Tuttle is one of the largest known objects that periodically visit the near-earth space". As the rock falls toward Earth, the air rushing against the rock heats it, creating a glowing hot trail of air as the rock zips through the atmosphere. However, the meteor showers will technically be visible all through the month. Meteor showers can be seen easily with the naked eye.

The Perseid Meteor Shower Puts on a Show This Weekend
Best meteor shower of 2018 takes place over Ireland tonight

What is a meteor shower?

Comet: A comet is a relatively small body that orbits the sun.

Geminids, next active December 4th through December 16, 2018.

The bright streaks left behind by meteors have the potential to appear anywhere in the sky, but all of the meteors' tails will always originate from one point, called the radiant.

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