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He then offers to make it a "friendly departure" and said that she violated some "very serious legal issues" without elaborating on what those were.

Privately, officials who worked with Manigault Newman said it was the type of damn-the-rules behavior she had engaged in for months and which bothered many of her colleagues - but not Trump, who had to be cajoled into letting her be dismissed.

The Washington Post reported Friday that after being fired, Manigault Newman declined a $15,000-a-month job offer from President Donald Trump's campaign, which came with a nondisclosure agreement stating that she could not make disparaging comments about the campaign, Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, their families, any Trump or Pence family company or asset, and that the agreement would survive even if her contract expired, was canceled or she was sacked. In the recording, John can be heard telling Omarosa that if she chooses to walk away without any trouble, her reputation won't be damaged. In the book, Newman describes hearing about the tape but not hearing it herself.

Bits of her conversation with the former marine in the high-security Situation Room were played on the air when she appeared as a guest on the National Broadcasting Co's Meet the Press program to promote her new book, Unhinged, which is being released next week.

But the former reality TV star is coming out with a tell-all book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House", in which she calls the president "racist" and says he has suffered "mental decline".

As Todd read quote after quote over several years in which Manigault Newman defended Trump in public, she said she had played a role in selling the administration's version of reality to the public, calling herself "totally complicit". "I had a blind spot when it came to Donald Trump". "They told me I could work from home, if I even wanted to work. And obviously I, I felt miserably".

Now this week, Omarosa said she secretly taped Trump during private conversations she had with him.

Schuette, Whitmer win primaries in gubernatorial races
Just over 28 percent of the voting-age population cast ballots, an increase from the previous high of 24 percent from 1982. Crowds outside the GOP rally were not that large, much smaller than what President Trump has drawn in West Michigan.

'Stolen' plane from Seattle airport crashes into sea
It crashed near Ketron Island in Pierce County, the airline tweeted, adding that "we believe" nobody besides the man was on board. The sheriff said earlier that the employee was a airline mechanic, but the airline said he was a ground service agent.

Cop hit by flying beer bottle at nail salon protest
A nail salon employee was arrested after she was caught on camera repeatedly attacking a customer with a broom. Prosecutors were reviewing additional evidence and may later alter those charges, the station reported.

"They take me into the Situation Room, the doors are locked, they tell me I can't leave and they start to threaten me, put fear in me, to put me under duress", she said.

The response from the White House was stinging.

"Why wouldn't we?", she asked when the host, Jon Karl, pressed her on the issue.

The White House has not reacted yet to the revelation, as experts and former White House officials discussed the implications of the tape, with some suggesting it was a massive security breach.

Conway said Manigault Newman was manufacturing events. "Kellyanne Conway, counsellor to the president, said: "[This is] the first time I ever heard Omarosa suggest those bad things about the president [and they are] in this book.

I don't agree with Sarah Sanders on what she has said about Omarosa, but taping anyone without their knowledge and then cashing in later is not acceptable ... and it is immoral.

Also, during the Meet the Press interview, Todd pressed her on her past defenses of Trump's racism and misogyny, including when she said in 2016 that her hiring was proof that Trump isn't racist.