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In a odd incident, on Tuesday a 43-year-old man went to watch Avengers: Infinity War at Cinehub Multiplex theatre in Proddatur town of Andhra Pradesh's Kadapa district, was found dead while watching the latest MCU film.

Gunn has revealed that in just about two years we will have the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy, which would put the film for a May 1st, 2020 release. They were used to having audience stay until the very end of credits to watch the bonus scenes.

And for a Marvel movie, this one's dark.

Marquand appeared in the movie as none other than the surprisingly still alive Red Skull. But it seems there is one director that has a good idea about his next film. Congratulations on the biggest opening weekend in history! With the miniscule information that we have, primarily based on job listings, it sounds as though the game will be multiplayer or have a multiplayer mode akin to Destiny, potentially letting players become the various heroes of the Marvel Universe and play with their friends.

But even though it hits a lot of spots for a good movie, it isn't ideal.

In Armenia began to elect a new Prime Minister
He subsequently called on his supporters to pour out on the streets and assemble at the capital's Republic Square in protest. The Republican Party, which has 58 out of 105 seats in the parliament, has not announced its plans on the upcoming voting.

Fire Causes Collapse of Tall Building in São Paulo, Brazil
The Associated Press reported that the building was formerly a federal police headquarters but had been abandoned for many years. São Paulo state Governor Márcio França, at the scene, told the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper it was a "tragedy foretold".

Multiple rounds of severe weather expected in central US
The precise magnitude and location of the most-severe weather remains questionable due to the evolution of storms overnight. With the warmth building during the midweek, it will suddenly feel like summertime in the Northeast by Thursday and Friday.

I find that the deaths in this movie do not have the weight they should, which is odd due to the fact that this is a darker Marvel movie. He notes that when Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans - a.k.a. Thor and Captain America - began filming for "The Avengers" in 2011, the solo film debuts hadn't even been released yet.

If you've seen Avengers: Infinity War, you'll know the keen struggle not to just blurt out fantastic moments from the movie.

Avengers: Infinity War is now running in theaters worldwide and will open in China on May 11.

We bring this up due to the last Thor movie being nearly the same idea, end of the world, yet there it was light hearted, while here, there's still happy and fun times, it's mostly bleak and desperate. Except he did that next to a really pissed off Don Cheadle, on TV, 9 months before the movie came out. Writers were able to create some nuance and reasoning behind his actions in "Infinity War", giving him layers that the other film had previously ignored. Some might say that's too much too quickly - the fear among a number of Hollywood analysts had been of a Marvel overload.