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Apple Apple now has 55 vehicles and 83 drives under its permit to test autonomous vehicles, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said in an emailed response to questions. The vehicles are equipped with advanced LIDAR tools, along with several cameras to sense the entire driving environment. Since obtaining a permit to test autonomous vehicles, Apple's fleet size has steadily risen - from a scant three test cars, to 27 in January, and now, 55 intelligent machines. Free for 14 days - no credit card required! Waymo had the largest gulf between its self-driving auto permits and the number of drivers at 51 vehicles and 338 drivers. 51 companies have registered 409 autonomous test vehicles in the state, according to the DMV.

Apple has more self-driving cars in California than Tesla, Waymo, Uber, Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. However, those numbers may be somewhat misleading, since other companies are testing their self-driving fleet in other parts of the U.S.as well.

With a new permit and expanded fleet, things are finally starting to look up for Apple after years of hardship. But building an entire self-driving vehicle fleet from the ground up proved too hard.

Named the price of the flagship smartphone Huawei Honor 10 in Russian Federation
Not only is the rear camera supported by AI 2.0 technology, the Honor 10's 24MP front camera is your intelligent selfie companion. According to George Zhao, President of Honor, "Before 2016, most phones came in just three colours: black, white and gold".

Gameplay Trailer Revealed for Rage 2
The first official gameplay trailer arrived with a burst of neon, guns, mohawks and our favourite, weird weapon, the wingstick. After all, the original game was an open-world post-apocalypse shooter with heavy emphasis on driving around a world gone mad.

Google is being investigated in Australia for allegedly collecting customer data
Regulators found that telecom service customers are unknowingly paying for gigabytes of mobile data mined by the USA tech giant. The data is apparently used to help target users for advertising according to their location.

Apple's mysterious self-driving vehicle project is chugging along in the background of all the other stuff it's been doing.

Chief Executive Officer at Apple, Tim Cook called self-driving a core technology that we view as very important. Apple's self-driving auto program is still a mystery, but it appears to be centered around testing and collecting data for self-driving software, instead of a complete vehicle. "It's probably one of the most hard AI projects actually to work on", Cook said last summer. The DMV also revealed that a second unnamed company had requested approval to begin driverless testing, but hasn't parted with any additional details.