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In fact, it will look like any other full moon, but it's the timing that makes it special.

A Blue Moon will now not be seen for some years, as the Easter 2018 Blue Moon will be the last to grace the night skies until Halloween in 2020. This is the second Blue Moon since the beginning of the year - the second time in three months that two full moons have occurred in a calendar month. This is possible because the full moon lights the sky for the second time on the 31 at 8:37 a.m.

The super moon phenomenon happens when the full moon coincides with the closest point of the moon's orbit to earth.

Last March 1, the worm moon graced the sky with the first full moon of the month that signaled the start of the March equinox.

Some folks are calling this second full Moon the "Blue Sap Moon". This year, Easter Sunday falls on the very next day after the Paschal Moon, something that hasn't happened in centuries.

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Native Americans knew the fourth full moon of the year as the Sap Moon, the time of year when the sap was flowering in the trees.

Contrary to its name, the forecasted lunar event will not actually be blue. Instead, it refers to the appearance of an additional full moon in a given time period. Blue moon is the term used to call the second full moon of the month.

There are two definitions of blue moons. A large volcanic eruption (ash), or even wildfires (smoke, dust), can cause a reaction in the atmosphere that creates a bluish tinge.

The last blue moon sighting was on January 31, as part of a super blue blood moon lunar eclipse. The March Blue Moon has one more meaning that not many people may be familiar with. The moon does not turn blue. The upcoming Blue Moon will later be visible to the west as it's about to set.