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Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook continues to keep track of users' behaviour even when they're logged out of its service. Ever since the scandal came to light in February, Facebook has been having a tough time dealing with accusations that the company was responsible for the leak of personal data of millions of users. She also said she doubts agents would decide to leave Facebook, because it's the most powerful marketing platform among social media sites. He didn't mention whether those other apps included Facebook's own Messenger, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp, which are also both owned by Facebook. Any violations of the 2011 agreement could subject Facebook to fines of $41,484 per violation per user per day. The company gives us a service we find valuable, and in exchange we agree that Facebook will harness that information to make money. On Friday Facebook said it had no plans to build such a tool.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg vowed to revamp Facebook and had said the company would ensure that its platform is not misused to influence elections in India and elsewhere.

"The whole fantasy that people care about privacy or they're desperate to get out of ad-supported networks is ridiculous", said Clay Shirky, a researcher on the social and economic effects of internet technologies at New York University. "I think that clearly what's going on with Facebook is a wake-up call, and something like this was bound to happen, but Facebook as an entity is so integrated into the travel agent mindset that it's going to stick around".

According to the law, organisations will be held accountable for the personal data they collect from people.

MIT Technology Review reports Cambridge Analytica, whose parent company entered into a contract with Kogan's company, later "combined the Facebook data with other data sets to build robust, integrated profiles of 30 million U.S. voters".

Amid a flurry of criticism pointed towards Facebook and its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook introduced an option for users to download their personal data - the data that Facebook has been storing since you created your profile on the social media website.

Facebook has emphatically insisted that the incident was not, as many have called it, a data breach, because "people knowingly provided their information [to Kogan's app], no systems were infiltrated, and no passwords or sensitive pieces of information were stolen or hacked".

Pence says Russian Federation "on wrong side of war"
The unified front was presented during a highly anticipated meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. Pence also met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk about the renegotiation of NAFTA.

New Gaza protests on Israel border after deadly violence
A Palestinian girl carries a burning tyre during clashes with Israeli security forces near the Gaza border on April 13, 2018. He said the Israeli military is "operating against it (Hamas) with determination and according to worldwide law".

Tyson Fury announces comeback - with sights set on Anthony Joshua
The Brit, who has not boxed since shocking Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, had been battling drug abuse as well as personal issues. If Frank asked me to fight this weekend, I'm ready. "The reflexes are as good as they've ever been".

"I've been covering consumer attitudes and behaviours for a long time, and I don't see consumers changing their behaviour very often", said Fatemeh Khatibloo, an analyst at Forrester Research.

Over the past half-decade, Swiss authorities have sent 361 data requests to Facebook, mostly related to the tracking of potential terrorist activities. "I'm hoping that the good that comes out of this is they are going to take their own security and the data they have in their own companies more seriously". Just like everything else concerning Facebook, he presented this as an idealistic initiative; but questions about children form an alarming component of the broader debate on privacy and data collection. "I promise to do better for you".

"We do not sell data to advertisers", Zuckerberg said.

The company said this month it has begun testing ways to improve digital political ads with a small group of advertisers, and will roll out the best ideas this spring.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of using a quiz app to ask for data in this manner, before turning around and using the data it harvested for other purposes.

No one is safe from ridicule on the internet - not even the founder of its most successful social media platform.