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Kaepernick has been out of a job since the end of the 2016 season, with no team picking him up after the quarterback parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers. Colin was enthusiastic about it. Since the outlet's initial report, The Seattle Times has confirmed the story. Foles went from unwanted journeyman to Super Bowl MVP by finding the right situation in Philadelphia. It was supposed to be on Monday.

The Seahawks have not ruled out contacting Kaepernick to rearrange the visit, per the Seattle Times, who were following up an earlier report from ESPN analyst Adam Schefter. And, given the skill set of their starting quarterback, it's not that far fetched to think that Colin Kaepernick would be a great backup for them.

Kaepernick, 30, spent last season out of the league while continuing to work out. It started a trend that many players league-wide followed including some Seahawks.

Just last week, Texans owner Bob McNair reiterated his stance that politics have no place on the football field and he took back an apology he made previous year when he said the NFL "can't have the inmates running the prison" amid the heat of the anthem debate.

Many people have pointed out that the National Basketball Association, which embraces activism by its players and coaches to a much greater extent than the NFL does, is experiencing soaring ratings and popularity.

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The Seattle scoop seems to mirror what reportedly happened recently with safety Eric Reid, who took a knee alongside Kaepernick two years ago while they both played for the 49ers. Amidst an off-season that has been no fun at all for Seahawks fans (losing Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman as Earl Thomas trade rumors swirl and the Rams get better is... not great...) this feels like a new nadir. About getting there, in some circles among them, "come hell or high water".

Yet, here again, there is an obligation while evaluating this issue to see gray areas.

A league source said the Seahawks wanted assurance the quarterback wouldn't kneel for the anthem, but the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback would not agree.

However, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported Kaepernick's visit was not postponed because he declined to stop kneeling, but rather his lack of plans regarding how to handle his protests.