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Syrians walk amid the rubble of destroyed buildings following reported air strikes by regime forces in the rebel-held area of Douma, east of the capital Damascus, on August 30, 2015. He said the inspectors can not access the site because it needs permission from United Nations security experts.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, said Britain should introduce a War Powers Act to ban military action without Parliament's approval.

American officials and their European allies were careful to characterise the attack as a one-off strike created to deter Mr Assad from using chemical weapons again.

Mabaya said South Africa remained steadfast in "our principled position that the issue should be resolved in the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations Security Council".

With Russian involvement in Syria and Moscow condemning Saturday's allied missile strike, Haley acknowledged that U.S. "We are prepared to sustain this pressure, if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will", she said.

The White House pushed back against comments Macron made during a two-hour interview in which he said he convinced Trump "that it was necessary to stay" in Syria.

Following the launch of US, French and United Kingdom missile strikes on Syrian regime military targets in Syria on Saturday morning, Syrian civil society representatives are calling on the US and Europe to develop a comprehensive strategy to deter future atrocities by Assad's forces.

France is urging Russia to join in renewed peace efforts after Western missile strikes on Syria aimed at punishing Bashar Assad for an alleged chemical attack, while the Syrian leader was said to have appeared unfazed Sunday in a meeting with Russian politicians.

After the air strikes U.S. Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, director of the joint chiefs of staff, said he hadn't seen any indication that Russian air defense systems were used, calling Syria's response "indiscriminate" and mostly futile. As the missiles hit their targets and anti-aircraft guns lit up the sky, hundreds of people took to the streets of Damascus to protest the strike.

Demonstrators douse Commonwealth Games timer with petrol
In fact, TV audiences didn't get to see many athletes celebrating their appearance at the Gold Coast event at all. The Athletes walked into the Stadium in the pre-show of the Ceremony and before the spectacle was broadcast live.

Nikki Haley Confronts UN After Syria Bombing: US Is 'Locked and Loaded'
Sarin had previously appeared to be the threshold for intervention. "A perfectly executed strike last night", Mr. White said Russian Federation has already started to beef up its misinformation game on social media.

Erdogan welcomes Syria strikes against Assad regime
President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. -led group had launched strikes on what were believed to be chemical weapons production facilities.

"We are considering additional sanctions on Russian Federation and a decision will be made in the near future", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday.

The lack of access to Douma has left unanswered questions about the attack.

Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the UN, said treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin will announce on Monday further economic sanctions on Russian Federation for supporting the Syrian regime.

Her comments follow allegations by the head of an global chemical weapons watchdog on Monday that Syrian and Russian officials cited "pending security issues" to keep independent inspectors from reaching the site of the suspected April 7 chemical attack.

Johnson said the missiles were launched to degrade and deter the Assad regime's ability to deploy chemical weapons.

Syrian-Americans have expressed anger at the missile strike on their homeland as they celebrated their country's independence day at a rally in Pennsylvania.

The most ambitious of the proposals was three times the size of the one eventually carried out by U.S., British and French forces.

In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May told British lawmakers Monday that Syria, supported by Russian Federation, was trying to hide facts about the attack.