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Illinois' synthetic pot death toll is up to three.

NY officials issued the warning Monday, reported the Associated Press, alerting medics that severe bleeding in patients with no clear injury who have used synthetic cannabis known as K2 or Spice could be linked to consumption of the drug.

From 2010 to 2015, the number of poisonings from toxic exposures surged across the United States, revealing 456 cases involving synthetic cannabinoids, according to a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the alert following an outbreak of bleeding cases in Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri.

Lisa Slater of the McLean County Health Department, Andrea Ingwersen of Woodford County and Sara Sparkman of Tazewell County confirmed their counties' numbers of cases. Many synthetic cannabinoids also are illegal.

"We have not seen anything out of the norm", VonderHaar said.

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KWQC reports three people have died in IL after experiencing severe bleeding from using the drug. None of the cases was reported in West-Central Illinois counties.

Several patients and samples of so-called synthetic marijuana from IL have tested positive for a lethal ingredient often used in rat poison, the CDC and IL authorities said. And what's even more worrisome is its unknown what is in these products because of the mixture of chemicals. "We strongly urge everyone to not use synthetic cannabinoids". Those sickened have reported blood in the urine, severe bloody noses, bleeding gums and internal bleeding.

A third person has died after using synthetic cannabis, with more than 100 affected by what may be a contaminated batch of the drug. These packets typically consist of plant material coated by chemicals, which are supposed to mimic the effects of naturally grown marijuana.

Some convenience stores, gas stations, other shops and websites sell synthetic cannabinoids.

Police said the victim admitted to family members that he had used synthetic marijuana in the days preceding his death.

The Governor also required that the State Liquor Authority and New York State Gaming Commission increase their oversight and enforcement efforts to revoke a store owner's liquor and lottery licenses if they are found to be illegally peddling K2.