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Menendez: "What did President Trump say to you and Director Coats in that meeting?" "We expect you to advocate for robust diplomacy as the first line of defense against sending our sons and daughters into war".

"We need a credible Secretary of State, not one hobbled by a history of anti-Muslim sentiment and discrimination", they wrote in the letter.

"President Trump's risky and erratic tweets and saber-rattling threaten to bring us closer to war and undermine our leadership on the world stage".

But he wouldn't answer questions about the contents of the interview.

He also said that despite his hawkish reputation, he values diplomacy.

During his appearance, Pompeo was pressed by Republican and Democratic senators on his positions regarding Russian Federation, the Iran nuclear deal, North Korea, climate change, and other major foreign-policy issues. "The chasm between what our leaders say and the actions that they take can have a devastating impact", he said, noting inaction in 2013 in Syria when Assad used chemical weapons and the USA didn't respond.

Pompeo referred to private conversations with previous USA government officials involved in prior negotiations with North Korea and said that it was conveyed to him that in the past, the pressure placed upon the DPRK had been alleviated too soon.

The Trump administration also faces crucial decisions on how to react to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, more sanctions on Russian Federation, and a deadline to confirm the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. He refused to answer whether he supports the agreement, even though his views are well known. Rand Paul during his confirmation hearing.

Booker was referring to a speech Pompeo made in 2015 while he was a Kansas congressman, which cited a prayer delivered by the Rev. Joe Wright. He developed a visibly close relationship with the president, traveling to the White House on most days to deliver the classified President's Daily Brief in person rather than leaving the task to other intelligence officials.

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Pompeo highlighted his aim of bringing new energy to the State Department, which suffered from high vacancies and low morale under Rex Tillerson, whose firing Trump announced in a tweet last month.

"I want to fix this deal", he added. But France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have not managed to pass any new sanctions on Iran. Then, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., asked Pompeo if he would treat every Central Intelligence Agency employee "in a way that is appropriate and equal" to which Pompeo agreed.

A number of Code Pink protesters, dressed in pink, held up signs demonstrating against Trump's choice.

Pompeo has opposed the agreement, which limited Iran's nuclear activities for a time, while lifting worldwide sanctions.

In his prepared remarks, he had warned that Russian Federation has been acting "aggressively" and represents a danger to the U.S.

"I share the president's view that we have a continued role there", Pompeo said. Pompeo said the US should exhaust all diplomatic options before striking North Korea and made clear he isn't now advocating regime change in the region, but said he could imagine a scenario where the U.S.

"It should not be easy to go to war".

"Do you think that Muslim Americans in this country who serve in our military, who serve in the state department, their failure to speak up, is that - are they complicit in terrorist attacks?" But after our meeting earlier this week, and the hearing today, I remain very concerned that Director Pompeo will double down on the worst of President Trump's policies. Trump in the coming days is also expected to potentially authorize a military strike against Syria after President Bashar al-Assad's regime used chemical weapons to attack a one-time rebel stronghold outside of the country's capital of Damascus.

Mr. Pompeo has been the director of the C.I.A. over the past year, and at least one officer died on his watch.