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"Unfortunately, today's transition disrupts steady communications with the regime, especially since we lack a nominee for ambassador to South Korea and recently lost the top career official handling North Korea", she said in a prepared statement provided by her office.

Mr Tillerson, who Mr Turnbull congratulated for his work as a partner to Australia, was sacked overnight by President Donald Trump.

Pompeo is a former three-term Republican Congressman known for his strong opposition to Iran nuclear deal, defended the CIA's use of torture in the past, and shutting down of Guantanamo Bay prison.

Trump delivered an ultimatum to the European powers on January 12, saying they must agree to "fix the bad flaws of the Iran nuclear deal" or he would refuse to extend US sanctions relief on Iran. I think he needs to take a stronger position on Russian Federation and back the United Kingdom up.

The perceived put-down of Tillerson's diplomacy marked one of several times when Trump had undercut his top diplomat. And he felt a little bit differently. "So we were not really thinking the same".

Even before those events, Trump is due to host, beginning Monday in rapid succession, the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar for complicated talks on Iran, Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. I did not believe being the CEO of an oil company made him qualified to be our country's lead diplomat.

Ryan Costello, the assistant policy director for the advocacy arm of the National American Iranian Council, told Al-Monitor that his organization "will be in close touch with the Senate to detail Pompeo's long history of ideological opposition to nuclear negotiations and the Iran nuclear deal".

"We got along actually quite well, but we disagreed on things", Trump said to the BBC.

Since then, Paul has come out in support of the Iran deal after voting against it in 2015, saying the United States should stay in as long as Iran continues to be found in compliance.

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The other signatories still regard the accord as a landmark victory in the battle to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Trump has also nominated Gina Haspel, the current deputy director at the Central Intelligence Agency, to replace Pompeo at the CIA.

For Thomas Countryman, who was assistant secretary of state for worldwide security and nonproliferation from 2011 to 2017, the reshuffle could have catastrophic consequences for USA national security.

"Mr. Pompeo instead favors an aggressive Middle East policy that would undo the diplomatic progress we made on nonproliferation and potentially embroil us in a new conflict in that region". A supporter of phony free trade, Tillerson seemed more like the appeasement-type of secretary of state that we would expect if Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election.

For the moment, United States diplomacy is carrying on as before.

Ironically, Trump complained that Tillerson was "too establishment" when he described his reasons for removing him - a corporate outsider who had ambitious plans to apply his experience running a global energy supermajor to wholly restructuring the State Department.

This "fix" would expand the agreement to include restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile program and end the "sunset clauses" that allow Tehran to resume some enrichment within 10 years. Participants will discuss national security, foreign relations and the importance of a free press.

Tillerson and Mattis had pressed a skeptical Trump to stick with the nuclear agreement with Iran and other world powers, and Tillerson has taken a more hawkish view than Trump on Russian Federation. But so far he has failed - abjectly - to forge any new Trump doctrine centered around his vision.

At the weekend, respected Israeli journalist Barak Ravid of Channel 10 news reported that, last week, Trump promised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would not accept a supplemental deal.

Foreign policy experts from Republican and Democratic administrations also questioned Trump's timing and choice, noting that Pompeo was known as a political partisan with hawkish views.