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This whole situation did bring in a nice cameo from one of our favorite lawyers in the Marvel universe: Mr. He mentions he "misses the red hair", referring to Hellcat's famous red locks. "It did a really great job adapting the comic".

"The Octopus" is the first episode that really seems to buckle under the season's glacial pace - with all of our main ensemble separated and following their own story threads (including Jessica playing therapist to gentle IGH janitor David Kawecki), it lacks both the playful character dynamics and the bursts of action that have livened up other slow episodes. But for Season 2, in this Me Too era, Jessica's overt anger seems particularly timely and aggressively vocal. A movie director, who was 40 at the time, proclaimed that he loved her, and they performed sexual acts when she was only 15. Also, Trish's investigation into the origin of her powers forces her to face the interior threat she'd rather drink to forget, but it once again makes Jessica the most humane of the television comic book heroes and the hero we need right now. You think you're going to beat me? I'll be handling the even-numbered episodes this round, which means I'm starting off with the 55-minute second episode. "I think audiences can expect it to have Melissa Rosenberg's unique spin on it". And rage as pent-up and destructive as Jessica Jones's, the kind that comes when you realize killing your demons isn't the end, but the beginning. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, the comic was originally designed to follow Jessica Drew-Spider-Woman-but Bendis decided instead to focus on Jones, who had once been a superhero but turned away from that life to focus on being a detective. Although we can now understand how Alisa got to this harrowing point in her life - including her unnerving romantic relationship with the octopus-obsessed Dr. Karl - that doesn't mean we can forgive her for what she's done.

Now whether or not she is willing to make a choice to defend people like that again anytime soon will be a question for the new season as a serial killer stalks the superpowered community.

Fiorentina and Cagliari to retire Astori's number 13 shirt
A 14-time Italy worldwide , Fiorentina announced Astori's shocking death Sunday due to a "sudden illness". The 31-year-old was found in his hotel room on Sunday morning, shocking the football fraternity.

Myanmar Continues Its 'Campaign of Terror and Forced Starvation' Against Rohingya
Rights groups and the United Nations have warned that conditions for their return are not close to being in place. A recent report in The Irrawaddy claimed that at least 90 percent of the state's Rohingya population have fled.

Iran's Zarif calls on European Union to play constructive role on nuclear deal
For his part, Le Drian hailed Iran's commitment to the JCPOA and said that France insists on the full implementation of the deal. Masoud Jazayeri, who this weekend said Tehran only would give up its missiles when the West abandons nuclear weapons.

It's hard to believe that Netflix filmed Jessica Jones season 2 before the Weinstein scandal broke.

Patsy Walker was created by Otto Binder and Ruth Atkinson, and first appeared in Miss America Magazine #2 (1944). In the second season of Jessica Jones, Trish Walker has moved on from Will Simpson and is now dating Griffin Sinclair, a journalist. It doesn't necessarily matter that the narrative is strung together from seemingly disparate threads, or that pitting Jessica against her evil twin toes the line of cliché. Like Jessica said, all she sees now when she looks at Trish is the person who killed her mother. Sure, Jones herself showed up in The Defenders, but in the time since she had her own show a lot has happened: the sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein; the #MeToo movement; the Women's Marches protesting the administration of President Trump. Jessica Jones may have finally met her match.

"Jessica and Trish's friendship is on a roller coaster", Taylor says. At the very least, it feels like the producers are trying to tease out about six hours worth of story over 13, counting on binge-happy viewers to stick with them. This time, the mark is a pizza delivery man who is having too much fun on his route (much to the chagrin of his girlfriend).