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Members of the Border Network for Human Rights and Borders Dreamers and Youth Alliance (BDYA) protest outside a US Federal Courthouse to demand that Congress pass a Clean Dream Act in El Paso, Texas March 5, 2018. Here is where DACA stands on the day it was set to expire: WHAT IS DACA? His nationwide injunction required the administration to resume accepting renewal requests within a week.

US District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis in NY issued a similar ruling in February. From there, it is expected to go to the Supreme Court.

Even though the DACA program does not end tomorrow, no one can ever apply for DACA until the age of 15, so as of last October those applications are no longer being accepted.

In February, former Homeland Security secretary John Kelly, now Trump's chief of staff, scrapped the Obama administration's policy of limiting deportations to people who pose a public safety threat, convicted criminals, and those who have crossed the border recently, effectively making anyone in the country illegally vulnerable. And immigration advocates warn that they would be exposed to deportation if they are arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents during that time. There were also almost 22,000 whose initial applications had yet to be decided.

Google Accused in Lawsuit of Excluding White and Asian Men in Hiring
Wilberg also alleges that over the past two years, YouTube started trying to cover up its diversity hiring practices. The conflagration briefly engulfed Google's own offices, turning the workspace into a polarized war zone .

Travis Scott Has A New Part-Time Job As Kylie Jenner's 'Makeup' Photographer
Kylie's new video delighted her fans, with one writing: "Kylie posted a video of Stormi and I'm crying because she's handsome ". The announcement came on February 4, though it had been rumoured that the 20-year-old was pregnant since September 2017.

Irish PM says remains concerned about UK Brexit position
The DUP leader welcomed the Prime Minister's pledge that one of her five tests for a Brexit deal was "strengthening the Union". But she added: "Unlike some politicians, I have actually been straight with people because there are choices to be made".

The ACLU has a new six figure campaign focused on keeping DACA front and center.

Trump had insisted that any legislation saving DACA had to be coupled with funding for his border wall and an overhaul of the legal immigration system. It is the program that protected undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as kids. Trump has repeatedly blamed Democrats for the impasse, while Democrats say he created it by ending DACA.

"March 5 is the deadline Trump gave the Congress to act and they haven't done anything", Bruna Bouhid, a 26-year-old student and Dreamer from Tampa, told AFP as she and others marched from the Washington Mall to the US Capitol.

Republicans lead both chambers of Congress and have been unable to pass any DACA-related bill.