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"When I was little girl I used to always go to my mom and say my bones hurt", Myers said.

Michelle Myers, a former Texas beauty queen who's never left the U.S., sounds like she's from jolly old England.

She's loves spending time with her seven kids, listening to them sing and play instruments. They all started with an extreme headache and ended in a weird change in speech - first Irish, then Australian and now British, the station reports.

It's not clear whether Myers suffered a stroke or other brain damage that may have caused her FAS episode, but she does suffer from another condition, called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

The British one, however, has lingered for about two years at this point and she has now come to terms with the possibility of speaking like Mary Poppins indefinitely.

Three times in the past seven years, Myers has gone to sleep with blinding headaches only to wake up with a different accent.

FAS is a rare condition - one that's affected fewer than 100 people in the last century.

Her latest bout with FAS in 2015 allowed her to speak British accent.

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Myers said, "They send in the psychiatrist at hospital and make sure you're not a loon". She's been diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome.

It turns out Meyers suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a disease that Ehlers-Danlos Support UK defines as "a group of thirteen individual genetic conditions, all of which affect the body's connective tissue".

Meyers wants to make clear she's not faking it or insane. In 2010, a woman in Virginia reportedly spoke with a Russian accent after she fell down the stairs and hit her head, says The Washington Post.

Odd as it may be, Myers said she has come to terms with her speaking voice. "The person I am now has been through so much compared to this person".

"I was Miss Black Austin Texas when I was younger, but I feel like I'm not that person anymore", she added.

But her outlook is positive.

A U.S. woman woke up one morning with a British accent and has had it ever since due to a rare medical condition. There have been cases where FAS has resolved on its own within a couple of months or years, but other cases have evolved and the condition can be permanent, as seems to be the case for Myers.

She continued: "I have some unbelievable family and friends, who've helped me to realise I'm still the same person - I just sound different. We just really want to be taken seriously and if it is something that's going to hurt me, help me", declares Myers.