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It is also likely that the rocket would have less fuel left over to safely return for a landing on SpaceX's drone ships in the ocean since the satellite was being delivered to a particularly high orbit.

GovSat-1 will now transition from its launch orbit to transfer to 21.5 degrees East, providing coverage of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.

"Its mission is to provide secure, reliable and accessible satellite communication services for governments, addressing connectivity demands for (defense) and institutional security applications", SES says on its website. Additionally, the launch comes just days before the company plans to launch its Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time ever. Lifting off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, the previously flown Falcon 9 rocket carried the 9,325-pound, multi-mission satellite created to "address governmental and institutional security user needs". It was only meant to test a "very high retrothrust landing" for the sake of protecting the drone ship and was expected to meet an untimely end, but it appeared to have survived largely intact.

This would pose an inherent problem for the imminent launch of Falcon Heavy, with the center of three first stages now scheduled to attempt a landing aboard the very same drone ship in less than a week.

The launch, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, marks the sixth time that SpaceX has re-flown boosters that it used before.

Thousands of marijuana convictions thrown out by San Francisco prosecutors
Brown, who's from the local NAACP chapter, says this will be especially welcome in San Francisco's communities of color.

CAS overturns Russian athletes' lifetime Olympic bans
The athletes were also declared ineligible to participate in any capacity in all subsequent editions of the Olympic Games. So far, only the decision to uphold the appeals has been released and not the grounds that lie behind the decision.

Trump honours North Korea defector at State of Union speech
Ji stood when introduced and raised a pair of battered wooden crutches above his head in response to the sustained applause. He also cautioned that "complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation".

SpaceX's next mission is the much-anticipated Falcon Heavy on February 6 from Cape Canaveral. "We will try to tow it back to shore". SpaceX said Falcon 9 performed as planned during the January 7 mission, an assertion that shifted focus to Northrop Grumman, which provided the payload and its dispenser.

The Falcon Heavy megarocket packs three times the thrust of the Falcon 9.

The launch window for the reused Falcon 9 rocket is set to open at 4:25 p.m.

Etienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Economy, said, "Luxembourg has delivered on our pledge to increase our defense spending as a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally in line with our defense commitments".

The Falcon 9 rocket was previously launched in May 2017 to lift a satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office. Rather it wanted to perform a unique landing test of the rocket.