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"For older women, (cardiovascular disease) poses a greater mortality threat than breast cancer itself".

The number of men dying from prostate cancer has overtaken the number of women dying from breast cancer for the first time, with the disease now the UK's third biggest cancer killer.

It turns out, some breast cancer treatments can damage your heart. Improvements in early detection and treatment of breast cancer have led to an increasing number of breast cancer survivors who are at risk of long-term cardiac complications from cancer treatments. She said she was especially concerned about women with HER2-positive and triple negative breast cancer. "The report may bring this problem to the front of mind among emergency medicine and internal medicine doctors who are caring for these women", he said. "We need to bust that myth that it is just an old man's disease that you don't need to think is significant", she added.

Dr Tochi Okwuosa: "The problem is, if you are at risk, and not everybody is at risk, you get through treatment, you get back to your regular life and all is well until all is not well, and somebody tells you, 'You have heart failure'".

Have you or someone in your family suffered from prostate cancer, and if so are you up to talking about that experience? However, the risk of developing breast cancer, which causes 1 in 32 deaths, receives considerably more attention amongst the general population.

The organization highlights that therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation can be life-saving.

Prostate cancer has become the third most common cause of cancer death in the United Kingdom, overtaking breast cancer, despite improvements in survival rates for both.

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The interconnection doesn't end when the cancer is gone. It showed that the rate of major coronary events among the women increased 7.4% for each additional gray, or unit, in the average radiation dose delivered to the heart.

But Prostate Cancer UK is concerned that much less funding is spent on research than on breast cancer, at a time when the mortality from breast cancer has fallen much more sharply. But women may benefit from a new approach to treatment that weighs the benefits of specific therapies against potential damage to the heart.

For example, drugs called anthracyclines - such as doxorubicin - can damage heart muscle cells, sometimes leading to chronic heart failure. Among those who received a combination of anthracycline and trastuzumab, another chemotherapy drug, 12.5% developed that systolic dysfunction. Herceptin studies have found a heart failure incidence of up to 4 percent, for instance.

"Ideal breast cancer outcomes are reliant on coexisting cardiovascular health along the entire journey of breast cancer treatment", the AHA panel concluded.

Tonda needed a stent to open her blocked artery, which was likely caused by her cancer treatment.

"The statement really is there to provide a concise document for the medical community on the overlap between heart disease and breast cancer in terms of risk factors, in terms of the treatment and preventative therapies", she said.

African-American men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer; Asian-American and Hispanic/Latino men are less likely to develop the disease.