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Overnight, the Trump administration denounced the deal. Meanwhile, House Republicans don't seem to be on the same page (neither are House Democrats), with leadership stressing how complicated the issue is within the GOP conference.

"This is one of the hardest issues Congress has had to grapple with in recent years", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a statement Wednesday evening.

At least 14 Republicans joined most Democrats in opposing the measure, which crashed to defeat 39 to 60 despite the president warning he would veto any plan that did not meet his criteria, which included major curbs on legal immigration in addition to border security and protections for Dreamers.

A top Republican lawmaker has moved amendments to a White House-backed immigration bill to improve existing high-skilled, merit-based immigration laws, a proposal that could benefit technology professionals from countries like India.

Instead, Democratic leaders rallied behind a bipartisan plan that would also give 1.8 million Dreamers a chance for citizenship. Eight Republicans bucked their party line while three Democrats went against their colleagues' vote, sinking the bill. Those concerns focused on its spending for Trump's wall and its prohibition against Dreamers sponsoring their parents for legal residency.

A bipartisan bill that logged the maximum vote count ended 54-45 in favor, but that was short of the 60 votes needed to make the cut.

As Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, told media on Wednesday: "We're watching the clock tick and we're going to run out of time soon". Details of the legislation remained hazy as Senators worked to rally co-sponsors for the bill.

Collins, a Republican, and King, an independent are listed as primary sponsors of the legislation providing legal status and a path to citizenship to individuals registered under the DACA program automatically if they arrived in the U.S.by June 15, 2007 - unless they have engaged in conduct that would make them ineligible. The senators did not tell reporters how many votes they had whipped so far.

In the mix is a proposal introduced last week by Sens. Susan Collins of ME and Democrat Manchin.

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That's the same number Trump has suggested helping with his own wider-ranging but more restrictive proposal. "The McCain-Coons proposal grants citizenship to hundreds of thousands of additional illegal aliens that are not 'DACA; recipients, including thousands who resided in the United States under Temporary Protected Status (TPS)", said the department, adding, "Under the bill, criminal grounds of ineligibility are subject to extremely broad waivers, such that even felonies can be waived".

"This vote is proof that President Trump's plan will never become law". One would end the diversity lottery for people from countries with low immigration rates to the United States. Trump has proposed ending it and redistributing its visas to other immigrants, including some who are admitted based on job skills, not family ties. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, that encapsulates the White House's desired immigration results.

He said it defies history when the Senate is leading the House on tackling the "critical issue of the day".

Trump cited the DHS statement in a tweet Thursday referring to the bill as a "total catastrophe".

A vote is expected Thursday on the bipartisan bill as well as a competing Republican measure endorsed by President Trump. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., a lead sponsor of the bipartisan bill. "We've still got a border security system that the president says is a priority".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed debate on several possible fixes for those covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which includes about 700,000 people who face uncertainty about their deportation protections.

Also in play is a more modest plan by McCain and Senator Chris Coons.

The bipartisan Collins bill got a slight boost when an influential group that advocates for immigrants, America's Voice, gave its reluctant support to the measure.