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"During the 2014-15 season, when vaccine efficacy against medically attended illness caused by any influenza virus was less than 20 percent, vaccination was estimated to prevent 11,000-144,000 influenza-associated hospitalizations and 300-4,000 influenza-associated deaths", the CDC team wrote.

Flu viruses can cause mild to severe illness, and can lead to death.

The drug maker Shionogi said that its new flu treatment succeeds in 24 hours, at least according to a late-stage trial it conducted on American and Japanese patients, The Wall Street Journal reported. Typically, about half of all Americans get the shot before the season ends. The best thing to do is to take precautions, like washing hands, getting vaccinated, and checking up on friends and family who are at risk.

Flu remained widespread in every state except OR and Hawaii, the same as the week before. The flu vaccine does not contain active viruses and can not infect you. It protected 42 percent of people against influenza B.

"The vaccines that we have today are not the ones that we'd like to have in 10 years", she said.

"They actually picked the correct strains within the vaccine", he said.

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The CDC states the best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated. The CDC uses data from the U.S. Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Network - five study sites across the U.S. In unrelentingly bad flu seasons such as the current one, which is dominated by the most dreaded flu strain, vaccines are less effective. People must get a new vaccine every year to be protected. "It seems like it's a little bit lighter on the West Coast". The percentage spiked over the last three weeks, and is now higher than at this time in any of the last three flu seasons. In addition, those aged about 50 to 69 are becoming infected and dying at higher rates than usual. "Even when you breathe, you breath out influenza viruses, so the transmission is by droplets from the airways, so people can be infectious for a day before they have symptoms".

Influenza A, or H3N2, is the prevailing strain of influenza in the 2018 season.

As of Tuesday morning, 254 Livingston County residents had lab-confirmed cases of Influenza A, while 56 had lab-confirmed cases of flu B, according to Root.

The findings, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), come as no surprise to flu experts tracking the worst influenza season in a decade.

"Some people are more likely to develop severe illness from flu, especially people 65 years and older, children younger than 5 years, people with certain high-risk medical conditions and pregnant women", the CDC reports.

"The strains that are circulating are the strains we predicted".