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The moon tonight is called a Supermoon as it will approach a little closer and be a little brighter than other full moons of 2018-though most folks will have a hard time telling the difference.

But do not worry if you missed it, there will be a second chance to see the supermoon at the end of January.

But experts believe the "blue moon blood moon supermoon" rising on January 31 will be the most extraordinary of all. The supermoon on January 31 will feature a total lunar eclipse, with totality viewable from western North America across the pacific to Eastern Asia.

Wide-eyed revellers will look to the stars as the moon appears 7 per cent bigger and 12 to 14 per cent brighter. NASA said that the total solar eclipse, which occurs when a new moon passes between the sun and the earth, was "one of the biggest internet events in recent history and by far the biggest online event NASA has ever measured". Cue space tourism. In February, Elon Musk-owned SpaceX announced that it would be sending paying tourists to the moon in flights as early as 2018.

Perigee is an astronomical term that identifies the nearest distance of the moon to the earth.

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It may be cold outside, but you'll want to check out tonight's Supermoon/Wolf Moon.

'The Moon will lose its brightness and take on an eerie, fainter-than-normal glow from the scant sunlight that makes its way through Earth's atmosphere.

Another Supermoon is on the calendar for January 31, 2018. It appeared about seven per cent larger and 15 per cent brighter. The last supermoon was the full moon of December 3, 2017.

If the criteria for a supermoon is chiefly dependent on the moon's arrival at its closest point in its orbit relative to Earth, then the "super" branding is a bit of a misnomer.

The popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson probably said it best: "In the overall scheme of things, is this relatively small increase in the moon's apparent size really so meaningful?"