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Using the appropriate Alexa Skill, and saying "Alexa, defrost this 2-pound sirloin steak", will start a microwave and punch in the correct settings - with just your voice. The company will reveal which smart TVs get Alexa support at CES 2018. This will be the first time Hisense has offered Alexa on any of its TVs. The crowded voice assistant market also includes Apple's Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft's Cortana.

Hisense has now been using its own TV platform on its smart TVs, with some running the Roku operating system. Now, Amazon is looking to strengthen Alexa's position by making it easier to get the virtual assistant integrated with accessories like headphones, smartwatches, and more.

How Will Alexa Work On Hisense Smart TVs?

Well, it looks like Amazon is putting efforts to make the Voice Assistant a revolutionary product and service for consumers and besides the company wants to make its Alexa powered Echo devices available for all the rooms in a consumer's house. There is one thing to keep in much, however.

The company further revealed that the Smart TVs with Alexa will be able to directly control the TVs hardware. Instead of pressing multiple buttons to enable advanced microwave features, users can simply use their voices.

Amazon's Alexa is coming to headphones and smartwatches
Amazon's Alexa is coming to headphones and smartwatches

Aside from TV controls, users will be able to access as they would an Alexa enabled smart speaker. Voice is the new app in controlling devices, particularly in our smart homes. There are now 10,000 skills available for Alexa and the list continues to grow. "Cooking capabilities will also be available in other countries soon", Amazon has stated.

Having said that, Amazon has now announced an interesting use case or feature for Alexa.

The 100-inch Laser TV was unveiled a year ago and has been quite the popular product for Hisense. As for the TVs themselves, Hisense is mum on them for now, but I'm sure we'll see more details on their TV sets next week at CES.

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