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Now, with the Threads feature, Twitter has made it much easier to share and read extended tweets.

But Twitter is also in the midst of tackling deeper problems, such as harassment and social conduct on the network, and those aren't going to be addressed by simply giving people more room to express themselves.

In recent years, prolific tweeters have thumbed their noses at the 140-character limit (now a 280-character limit) by creating "threads" comprising a series of replies to their own tweet.

The tool is simple: Make a tweet, preferably a good one, and then add other tweets underneath it with the "plus" button. And now, Twitter is making it official by introducing a new tool that will make it easier to both post and read threads. "Up to this point, when a user wanted to indicate that a tweet was part of a longer story and to expect a thread, they'd put something like "(1/?)" at the end of their tweet. Other times, a thread can be a big waste of time that exists merely for the person to let you know that they're smart. Some users have already got the feature. You can also continue adding to the thread after it's been published.

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McNealy, chief executive at Digital World Research, the gaming industry was ripe for something fresh like the Nintendo Switch . That number is still dwarfed by Nintendo's motion-controlled Wii , which sold over 100 million units over its lifespan.

World Human Rights Day being observed
Governmental and non-governmental organisations active in human rights conduct special events to commemorate the day. This is a 30-article document that fortifies the rights of human beings across the world.

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Russian Federation is expected to make a final decision on its stance regarding the IOC ban at a meeting of the country's Olympic authorities next week. "It's not the time to think of myself".

Twitter tells us there's now a limit of 25 entries in a thread, but that number may be subject to change depending on how the feature is adopted by the wider user base. The company confirmed last month it was testing the feature - which it's now calling "threads" - across its iOS and Android apps.

However, Twitter is now adding a "plus" button that will allow users to compose and publish threads in one go.

Once your thread is complete, hit send, and the whole post will be sent at the same time. Hopefully, not too many people respond before you're done responding, thereby muddying the waters and making your thread more hard to track.

In addition, another handy feature allows you to go back and update a thread by adding new tweets after it already posted.