Online gamers have been previously been accused of wasting police time and endangering the public with prank calls, and authorities are now searching for the caller who was responsible for instigating the deadly callout, Mr Livingston said.

An investigation found that Finch was the victim of "swatting", a risky prank where someone makes a false report that sends police to an address expecting an armed threat. "According to The Wichita Eagle, Andrew Finch answered the door of his residence when local police "[getting] into position" called upon the home's occupants to come out. But CNN affiliate KABC said police in Los Angeles have arrested a man on suspicion of making the fake call. The LAPD hasn't released many details, other than that they are holding Barriss in custody and working with the police in Wichita on the investigation.

The incident took place late Thursday when police were called about a supposed domestic incident at a Kansas man's home, where he had shot his father and was holding his other family members at gunpoint, police said in a press conference Friday. The caller, speaking with relative calm, said he poured gasoline inside the home "and I might just set it on fire".

"Swatting" is cyber crime where a hoax call is made to emergency services with the intent of having a large number of SWAT officers dispatched to the victim's address.

Police shot Finch after they say he moved his hands to his waistline, Livingston said.

"Due to the actions of a prankster, we have an innocent victim", Livingston said, calling it a case of "swatting".

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The officer who fired is a 7 ½-year veteran, who has been placed on administrative leave. Shortly thereafter, @SWauTistic allegedly called in the false report, which led to a police response at the provided address.

The man was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead at 7 p.m., Livingston said, adding that the caller continued to call 911 after officers had arrived at the scene. It was hard to see clearly what happened. The call was a pissed-off player swatting another player all because of an online Call of Duty match and a $2.00 dollar bet.

"Usually it's the, 'There's somebody being held hostage, I'm about to kill somebody, I'm going to blow the building up'". Finch's mother said her son was not a gamer.

Court records showed Barriss was convicted in 2016 on two counts of making a false bomb report to a TV station in Glendale, California, and sent to Los Angeles County jail for two years. Instigators call 911 operators within close proximity to their victims - frequently using caller ID spoofing or other measures to hide their true location - and report severely volatile situations that may warrant a SWAT team response. The police and FBI were investigating whether the hoax call stemmed from an argument over an online game. One game player threatened to "swat" the other, and the second provided a false address - that of Finch.

Balsamo reported from Los Angeles.