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Or are 32GB cartridges good enough for console's games?

If you've been playing third party games on the Nintendo Switch you may have run into a worrying trend already - developers forcing the player to download sizeable chunks of data before they can play.

According to this report, Nintendo has delayed the delivery of the 64GB game cards to 2019 due to technical issues.

This is an interesting development for Switch fans, but it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that the console has been such a smash hit for Nintendo.

The delay comes after it was announced that 10 million units of Nintendo Switch have been moved.

Nintendo to Release 64GB Game Cards for Switch to Developers in 2019
Nintendo to Release 64GB Game Cards for Switch to Developers in 2019

Along with the wait for bigger cartridges, Switch owners may have to shell out more money for the games using bigger cartridges. With Zelda on Switch, a 45.4GB game in all, 13.4GB are required to download before the user is allowed to play the full game.

By comparison, Blu-ray discs for the PS4 and Xbox One can hold 50 GB of data. Ramping up to the 32GB cartridge, a developer is said to pay 60% more than they would for a 50GB disc on PS4/Xbox One.

While the Switch may miss out on certain games, Nintendo has a slew of titles planned for the system in 2018.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that 64GB Nintendo Switch game cards, originally meant to be available for developers in the second half of 2018, have now been pushed back to 2019 due to technical issues.

The Switch only has 32GB of internal storage, so 2018 is going to be a pain for managing game data if you don't have a large microSD card.

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