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According to the BBC, Pope Francis suggested changing the wording of "lead us not into temptation", saying the translation cannot be accurate since God does not lead humans to sin.

Pope Francis called for a new translation of a phrase referring to temptation in the Lord's Prayer, the BBC reported Friday.

"A father doesn't do that, a father helps you to get up immediately".

Pope Francis wants to change the line, "lead us not into temptation", to "do not let us fall into temptation".

In an interview with the Italian Catholic channel TV2000, published on YouTube Wednesday, the pontiff pointed out that God isn't the one who leads humans to sin.

The Pope praised the French Catholic Church, which made a decision to adopt the updated translation at the beginning of this month.

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Austen Ivereigh, a British Catholic journalist who wrote the definitive biography on Francis, told The Guardian that he wasn't aware of plans to officially change the Lord's Prayer translation in the English world.

"I do not believe that God can be tempted by evil or tempt anyone, so whenever I pray "lead us not into temptation", I am neither thinking nor implying he might tempt us, or that I am requesting him not to", he said.

Pope Francis stops to pray during a past visit to the "garden for aborted babies" in Kkottongnae, around 80 kilometres south of Seoul.

Catholic churches around the world do liturgical translations of scripture, including The Lord's Prayer, into the languages of their surrounding communities in cooperation with the Vatican. The French verse originally read "do not submit us to temptation". The Pope claims God does not lead you into temptation.

He also noted how the church in France had adapted the prayer.

Probably the best known prayer in Christianity, it is memorised by millions of people worldwide and usually when they are children.